Mercedes-Benz 1000 Miglia Challenge 2018

Make a dream come true - join the Red Arrow of the legendary 1000 Miglia throughout the most beautiful Italy’s roads! Passion and emotion are the main characteristics of the “Mercedes-Benz 1000 Miglia Challenge”, an exclusive regularity race event which will share the 1.600 km of the 1000 Miglia classic race route, the “most beautiful road race in the world” (to quote Enzo Ferrari).


Mercedes-Benz is the brand that has accompanied the evolution of automotive world for 130 years, after the first two cars of the history realized by Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler  in the 1886. His relation with the 1000 Miglia is renewed in the memory of Rudolph Caracciola, in the 1931 edition, and Stirling Moss in the 1955 edition, when Stirling Moss raced from Brescia to Rome and back again in an incredible 10:07:48 hours – averaging 157.65 km/h and establishing the all-time record. In the same race edition, one 300 SL won the GT category while a 180 D model won in the Diesel category.

As a tribute to this historic record, the Mercedes-Benz cars may act as “guard of honour” for the 1000 Miglia and take part in an exclusive regularity race event, which will largely share the logistical and organizational arrangements foreseen for the 1000 Miglia classic rally. The event rules comply with the International Sporting Code for Regularity Events, meaning that the Mercedes-Benz Challenge features the same speed / time / distance trials as the main 1000 Miglia event.


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